The story of Julio and Linda began as two co-workers transformed into a loving relationship. Their film will begin, where all love stories truly begin, with their first date. As the couple settles into their date at the movie theater, you will see their love story told through the guise of our quirky creatures.

“Out of all of the vendors for our wedding, I Doodley Do’s service was in a class of it’s own. They went well above and beyond to make sure our personal story was told through their amazing and unique artistic medium. We are so glad we decided to hire the I Doodley Do team and can’t imagine our wedding would have been the same without their service. Our friends and family were really impressed with the final video and we feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to share our story through I Doodley Do’s vision. We would recommend I Doodley in a heartbeat.” – Julio and Linda

JULIO & LINDA Timeline