We here at I Doodley Do had the privilege to collaborate on a very special project, for YouTube personality Daithi De Nogla. Our mission: retell his YouTube journey to stardom; and what better way to make this happen than through a narration in what YouTubers call an “Animate My Life” video. Not only did we get to help share his journey with his cherished viewers but, more importantly, we were able to help recreate Daithi’s past experiences in our own unique style.

The video is composed of moments in his life he deemed special from being born to an Irish family delivered in a package of three, to his jokester/bad-kid transformation and even talks about his interest in the “womens”. The video describes situations that have led him and shaped him into the person that he is today. Daithi happily shared our collaboration on his YouTube channel the winter of 2015. IDD takes any and every audience very seriously and one should be assured the IDD team does their best to entertain and please all who watch an I Doodley Do’s production.

DAITHI Timeline

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