We started with an interview where we explored the history of what brought these love birds together. After getting the full story, (along with some baby pictures) we were ready to get serious with our doodle work! Character designs and story boards were drafted followed by full illustrations. The doodles were sent to the I Doodley Do digital effects team where the drawings were brought to the editing floor and combined with the live footage to create the short film “A.J. and Laila’s Love Story”.

“We loved how our video turned out! It was so cute and unique; it set our wedding apart from all the others! And all our guests really enjoyed it!

The IDD team made us feel comfortable right from the beginning and were able to really capture our personalities. Our video had funny moments, serious moments, and ‘awww’ moments! They were able to capture our relationship perfectly with her artwork and did not use any video clips that might come off as strange. So we did not have to worry! IDD took care of everything and kept us updated along the way.

They also worked with our DJ to be able to set up the projector and sound. One less thing we had to worry about on our wedding day!

We really loved our experience and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks I Doodley Do!!!” – A.J. and Laila

AJ & LAILA Timeline