Depends on length of film but minimum two months. If you need your film completed before that, please contact directly and we can see if can make it work.
Due to every film being custom made our prices vary. However our prices usually start at around $1,200-$1,500 USD per minute.
Animation is a highly labor-centric work. It takes a team of people to create. Each individual frame has to be rendered to integrate all the moving parts. That is a lot of computing power, support personnel and energy. Not to mention all the prep work! Story boarding, character design and many other items.”
Our primary focus for animations here at I Doodley Do are weddings and personal life stories.
A doodle cost $150 for two customized characters.
A GIF cost $ 350 for two customized characters
Invitations are part of our graphic services, and the pricing depends on a few different variables. In order to give you an accurate price quote, we would need to know what the invitations are for, how many invitations you would need, and we would need to discuss the style of the invitations you would like.